Driving vs. Shipping Your Car Across the Country

Moving across the country is an exciting experience. You will make new friends, experience new things, and learn a completely new way of living in a different city. It’s not time to rush: you have to first get there. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is whether you want to drive the car yourself or hire a company to do it for you.

When making a decision, there are many things to consider. From the weather to safety and timing. Shipping costs are also a consideration. Consider the following factors when making a decision.

Driving Distance

Moving your car to your new house could be your largest moving expense. The first thing you should do when deciding whether or not to ship your vehicle is to estimate the distance. You can use a mapping application to estimate the driving time and distance of various routes.

You can estimate how much fuel is needed by calculating the distance. How many miles does your car get per gallon? You can estimate how much gasoline you will need by dividing the distance you have traveled by this number.

It’s also a good idea to consider the average price of gas in the areas you will be driving through. The American Automobile Association (AAA), aggregates the price of a gallon in each state and nationwide.

You can also get a feel for the driving conditions by using a map. You can expect to drive on major highways. Will your route lead you through mountains or deserts, for example? These areas can be hard on your vehicle, particularly if it is older and susceptible to overheating.

Seasonal Considerations

Driving conditions can be affected by the time of year that you are moving. Driving in a balmy July can be quite different than driving in wintry conditions in the middle of February.

Consider geographical features such as mountains. Snow may fall in mountain passes much earlier than at sea level. While a trip across the country in October might be snow-free in many parts of the United States, you may encounter wintry weather as you travel through the Rocky Mountains.

Shipping your car is a good option if driving in bad weather is not appealing.


A reasonable speed could allow you to drive from coast-to-coast in a matter of days, or even a week. You can reduce the time it takes to drive from coast-to-coast if you are driving with another person.

You may need to take more time to rest when you drive alone. Shipping your car may be a better option if you cannot afford to take time off from work to drive it yourself.


You and your passengers are at risk when you drive across country. On a long trip, your car will wear out faster and there is a greater chance of breakdowns.

You also risk theft of your vehicle or its contents while on the road.

You could also get into an accident on the road. Transporting your vehicle limits damage to the car and protects you from safety hazards.

Making the Decision

As you go through your moving checklist the decision of whether to drive or ship your vehicle will be based on many factors. It comes down to convenience in some cases. Have you got the time? Do you have the time to ship your car? Are you willing to drive in bad conditions? It’s also a matter of cost.

Driving is generally cheaper than shipping. The cost difference between shipping and driving decreases as the distance of the drive increases.

If you decide to ship your car, do your research. Check out the Better Business Bureau for company reviews, and ask your friends and family to recommend companies. To get the best price, contact multiple shipping companies.

Moving can be expensive, no matter what. Consider a loan for relocation assistance if you need some extra help to cover the costs of your move. These personal loans can be used to cover moving expenses, such as shipping your vehicle.

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